Special Sermons

Over the Years, we have had number of very special sermons.  Pastor Jake and Pastor Amos’ topical series, Special Guests, Missionary speakers and so on.  Here are some of the moments that stand-out that we wanted to share with you:

  • John Gray was able to join us for a special Missions focused Service on May 19, 2013.  Enjoy his message, and please take the opportunity to visit the Union Mission Ministries.
  • Jon Cash was able to join us for a very exciting Service on October 30, 2011.  You will really enjoy his message.
  • Pastor Amos’ Personal Testimony. This was given over a two week period in October of 1996.  My Testimony – Part I  / Part II
  • The Rich Lady and the Ditch Digger. Back from the Archives!  In August of 2000 Pastor Amos’ sermon included a singing story of a Rich Lady and a Ditch Digger.  The Lady could not understand the Ditch Digger’s happiness and comfort in his father’s riches, he was the Child of the King. Enjoy Pastor Amos signing a Classic Story
  • The Grace of God (En Espanol). By now, most of us know that Pastor Amos grew-up in Cuba and Puerto Rico…and spoke fluent Spanish.  A few years ago, he was asked to give a taped sermon for a newly established Spanish-speaking congregation.  Enjoy La Gracia de Dios.
  • In 2015, Pastor Amos Eby stepped-down after nearly 20 years of faithful service to SNCCC.  He was replaced by Pastor Jake Tromburg.  On May 31st, 2015, they shared the pulpit for Transition Sunday.  The Sermon was titled The Way Forward Part II.  This was the follow-up Sermon to Pastor Amos announcing his retirement on June 2nd 2013 (The Way Forward Part I).